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A 'Bottom of the Hill - Up' Project

The purpose of this page is to introduce the idea of a Hill-walking Day.

If a Club, Group or Individual wants to organise a walk on the specified day then we can promote it here but it will be up to those organising it to drive it forward and make a success of it.

If you’re a Club, Group or Individual that goes out on the hill on a regular basis, you might consider the following:

- Do something that you wouldn’t normally do eg. a night or sunrise walk
- Go somewhere that you don’t normally go to eg. a stand alone mountain that otherwise doesn’t interest you
- Set yourself a target for the year and start on that day
- Bring a friend with you that keeps saying ‘I must go out with you sometime…’
- Show someone how to correctly use a map and compass (or ViewRanger)
- Walk with a FB 'Friend' (or two) that you've never met

Get your thinking cap on. The more novel you can make it, the better.

You have a wealth of knowledge; from footwear to clothing to equipment: from navigation to safety: from fitness to nutrition, etc. so share it with those around you that are already hill-walking and those that aspire to be hill-walkers under your tutelage.

What else would you be doing on the 1st of January…...?

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